Fine Artist Promenade

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Fine Artist Promenade

Saturday and Sunday | Wall Street between Oregon and Franklin

Stroll through the more than 150 fine artists and craftspeople as they fill the street with their handwork, design and artistry. Traveling to Bend from all over the state, region and country, these fine artists bring color and life to the First Interstate Bank Bend Summer Festival!

It’s an ideal place to find that special gift or one-of-a-kind piece that will bring you (or someone you love) happiness for years to come.

Fine Art Promenade Performance Square

Intersection of Wall & Minnesota

2018 Featured Artists

A sampling of this year’s artists bringing pottery, photography, fiber arts and clothing, 2D fine art, 3D fine art and sculpture, home and garden adornments, jewelry and more.

Adam Hoffman

Alan Higinbotham High-Fired Porcelain

Americana Woodworks

by Mike Dolinar

Traditional Adirondack inspired outdoor furniture handcrafted heirloom quality I pride myself on attention to detail furniture is made with hand selected Western Red Cedar recovered/recycle


by Nicole Dass

Artimals artist, Nicole Dass, creates her art by creating bold layers of acrylic and varnish on heavy weight canvas.

Beautiful Oregon

by Tim Giraudier

Tim Giraudier has a passionate interest in subject matter. He captures his images by using Nikon dSLR & Hasselblad cameras. ​Exhibition grade paper, and quality archival materials used throughout framing process.

Green Gumo

by Sam Allen

Sam Allen screen prints his artwork onto American Apparel made shirts to make the Green Gumo line. ​He does all the design and printing himself, and ​his theme is active-inspired designs like hiking, cycling, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and much more.

Owl House Batik

by Barbara Holmes

Owl House Batik makes hand batik, fun, high quality cotton clothing for babies and kids using soywax and procion dyes. Each has a design on back and is preshrunk, washable wearable art. Onesies, shirts and dresses are some of the styles made by Owl House Batik

Jax Hats

by Adrienne Priess

Handmade accessories using upcycled clothing and fabrics! Locally sourced, locally made, with local people. There is something for everyone. Infants to Adults sizing for every season!

Mirielle Nett

Mirielle makes kitchen linens and table accessories with fabric from Provence, France​ as well as makes lavender sachets with that fabric.

Upcycled Sam and Finn

by Amy Hekker

  Upcycled Accessories for you + your home made from designer upholstery fabric samples and swatches.

Pillows, runners, bags, and pouches.

Layers Squared

by Summer Pinncik

Layers Squared uses all natural and organic fibers to create a smart fusion of intriguing design elements, artistic significance, and a well-planned fit. All production is done right here in Bend.

Liza Jane Handmade

by Liza Schwartz

Liza creates yoga/lounge and festival wear for men, woman and children. fabrics based on comfort and style often using organic cottons, rayon or bamboo rayon blends, laces and upcyled vintage material

Mailekai Creates

by Elise Clark

Beautifully crafted slumped bottles with glass inside, made by local artist Elise Clark. Her designs include bottles cut into drinking glasses, vases and more.

Debby Dunnaback

Debby Dunnaback slumps bottles in her kiln then hand beads the bottle necks and matching spreaders. Some are molded into bowls, some have wine labels and some have sport/college logos applied and sealed on the back.

Just a Little Charm

by Jen Aylward

Colored pencil drawing on salvaged copper mounted on textured sterling silver. Custom design stamped sterling silver. Custom stamped salvaged copper.

Sheila Walker

Handmade copper artisan jewelry

Denise Sampson

Denise creates copper, sterling silver, and beaded necklaces as well as bracelets, cuffs, and earrings. All of her designs are hand crafted using silver smithing, metal work and bead embroidery.

Christian Gardelle

Each of the Christian Gardelle pieces is hand-made, mainly from copper, sterling silver, and stones. Christian Gardelle begins by cutting, torching, and shaping each component, then solder the pieces to create beautiful and unique designs.

Newmans Design

by Barbara and Ken Newman

Newman Designs uses repousse’, mokume gane, construction and casting to create their work from gems, precious metals and found objects. They aim to blend materials, technique, design and a bit of magic into their pieces.

Kinni Creative

by Nicole Wilkinson

Nicole Wilkinson uses raw materials such as wire and sheet metal to create all types of jewelry through a combination of cold and hot forging. Most of her pieces are just metal but some include beading.

Junk to Jems

by Marianne Prodehl

Marianne uses recycled metals from trays, raingutters and other brass and copper and silver pieces to create earrings, cuffs, and pendants. She also makes gemstone rings and cuffs. Junk never looked so lovely!

Endless Jewelry Arcata

by Celia Wilson

Celia Wilson handsets semiprecious and precious cabochons and faceted gemstones using 14 karat gold fill, copper, sterling and fine silver. She then will hand emboss designs onto metals to give texture and add color patinas.

Silver Element Jewelry

by Ruly Deen

Silver Element Jewelry is all carved & cast by hand. I fabricate by soldering, detail with burs & gravers to create imagery on every surface. I build mechanisms for complex items including clasps, swivels & hinges.

Joe Christensen

Joe Christensen makes stone jewelry from stones found in the the northwest, and all over the world.

Walter Brown

Walter Brown’s jewelry is simple. It focuses on the gemstone’s brilliance. He facets rough gems using meet point technique, and every facet is cut/pre-polished/polished. He uses sterling silver and 14kt settings that are a mix of metal clay and standard.

Crow Black

Everything is handcrafted by Crow Black himself, in Bend. He cuts and polishes all stones and forges the silver and bronze that are in his designs.

Mopilo Designs

by John Akhtar

All of Mopilo Designs are unique but clean and balanced. Materials artist, John Akhtar uses are pearls corals & shells. All of the jewelry is set in fine gauge sterling silver and John makes his own links and hinges to create a lot of motion within the designs.

The Soap Block

by Heather Akhtar

Heather Akhtar hand makes her soaps in fun designs

David and Sabine

by Sabine Schran-Collings

All of David and Sabine’s work is fabricated in sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold. Etching and roller printing techniques are used to achieve textures on the metals. A variety of stones are set in bezels to add color.

Oregon Jewelry

by Brooke Spehar

Handcrafted Bronze, Copper and Silver Metal work Jewelry and Hair accessories. All items are formed using simple hand tools, welded to join, hammered, and polished to a high shine.

Emily Gibbons

All work is handmade from start to finish using gold fill and sterling silver. Classic metal smithing techniques are implemented along with gemstones and wire wrapping.

The Celtic Jewelry Studio

by Cynthia Meyers

Handcrafted Jewelry with an Ancient Story. Real gemstones with crystals and quality glass beads hand worked with Celtic symbols. Each comes with story cards explaining the Celtic legends or folklore.

Rusty Birds

by Stuart Nelson

Hand designed and created unique metal garden art incorporating beautiful silhouettes in natural forms. The garden art designs have a unique rust or painted patina.

Eel Art

by Eric Langeliers

Plasma torch is used to cut out parts. Handheld grinder is used to add texture and detail. Torch heat is used color the steel and accented with solvent dyes. A weather resistant powder coat finish.

Mast Metal Art

by Steven Mast

Mast Metal Art is ​made with 16-gauge steel, found objects and recycled materials to create both 2 and 3 dimensional pieces of art for indoor and outdoor use. ​Creator, Steven Mast, uses a hand-held plasma cutter, gas torch and welder.

NW Skillet

by Peter Clark

Peter Clark makes ​his skillets by hand using blacksmithing methods to make the handle and the ancient technique of metal spinning to make the pan. The skillets are made from bronze, copper, and steel.

Bend Soap Company

by Dwight Johnson

Every bar of our goat milk soap is handcrafted from just 4 main natural ingredients. Fresh raw goat’s milk from Dwight’s very own goats, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Red Palm oil and essential oils in some.

Tularoo Soaps

by Laura Nolan

Tularoo is a small artist-run soap company based in Bend Oregon. Creator, Laura Nolan’s delicately hand-sculpted soaps are cast and poured individually using all natural clays, botanicals and essential oils.

Dirty Girl Body Beauty

by Jennifer Ross

Creator, Jennifer Ross, hand-makes a variety of bath and body products. Made with all natural ingredients. Some examples are body scrubs, foot scrubs, lip scrubs, body butters, lip balms and massage oils.

Sweet Mama’s Soap

by Kimberly Tatum

Sweet Mama’s Soap is made with goat milk soap and lotion using milk from our goats; herbal balms, lip balm, lotion bars, and body butter.

Hans Fang

Hans Fang grows a variety of trees such as Elm, Tea, Ficus, Juniper and succulents etc. He then trims, shapes and bonsais them when they ​are 2-3 years old. He also designs and makes fountains with natural rocks.

Staci Schubert

Staci Schubert hand-makes her designs by using leather. She creates leather accessories & bags. Starting with a full hide of leather there is a 15 step process to complete her products.

Stem Vases

by Mari and Jan Schultz

Aluminum+beveled glass. Cut metal to various sizes, drill holes + countersunk holes. Polish, remove debris. Cure glass and metal. Seal. Clamp overnight.Fasten base. Creatively watertight w/patented insert

Brandon Hubbard Designs

by Brandon Hubbard

Best way to describe the work of Brandon Hubbard is mixed media. He combines hand drawings, maps, photography, framing, woodworking & apparel in an interesting & appealing way. Many of which are using repurposed products

Dallin Buchanan

David Buchanan uses watercolor and ink to produce unique and surreal artwork. He will often use interesting color combinations to add to the feel of his work.

Jonathan Sundy

Jonathan Sundy is an illustrator that works in watercolor and oils as well as digitally. Oils are on cradled artboard, watercolors are on cold-pressed, archival paper and digital art is produced as high-quality art prints.

Megan Marie Myers Art

by Megan Myers

Artwork is created using acrylic paint on wood panels.

Holly Fischer Photography

by Holly Fischer

Holly’s prints ​her work on canvas with a laminate overlay with a custom frame. She also offers archival prints that are matted.

Tease Recyclewear

by Kate Carder

Tease Recyclewear makes upcycled knit sweaters, t-shirts, etc. into skirts, shrugs, cowls, scarves, and other accessories. Each item is handmade and one-of-a-kind.